Books I read recently

Here are some amazing books I have read recently and my thoughts on each one:

  1. Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer

This incredible book exposes abuse and issues within the Mormon community. Even that recent documentary, “Keep Sweet” would have us believe that Fundamentalism and polygamy is a fringe sect of Mormonism. The reality is that abuse in these communities where patriarchy, misogyny and unchecked power all converge is that sexual, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional abuse are all too common. All we have to do is look to the SBC list released recently or the “Sins of the Amish” documentary to see that it’s not just one groups problem. Wherever men have unchecked power and absolutely authority and women are treated as second-class citizens with no voice, abuse will occur. This book was very enlightening. I didn’t know much about Mormons before this, but I am going to be honest, I don’t want to know anymore after this.

2. Predators by Anna C. Salter

This book is basically about all sorts of Predators, but it focuses on sexual assault and child abuse. It’s content is dark, but I think necessary. Predators don’t look like monsters – they come in chameleon-like skin. Predators win your trust and they are likable. They are pillars of the community and upstanding citizens. They are the ones that when you hear about them you think, “No way. Not them.” Salter’s book is so filled with interviews and statistical data that it will literally make your head explode to think of all those monsters living among us. However, I do think it’s an important read. Most important is that Salter thinks that these Predators cannot be reformed – I agree 100%. A predator cannot be cured, get better or change. Being a Predator is who they are, similar to the color of the eyes or their height – it is an irrevocable part of their person. The only solution is to keep them from the general population – although that doesn’t solve all the issues as Salter points out.

3. The Anti-Diet by Christy Harrison

This book is so illuminating on the effect that Diet culture has on all our lives. It’s impact is far reaching and so incredible to fathom. It was really interesting.

4. Selfie by Will Storr

This book was so interesting that it made me buy Storr’s book on the anti-science community. I am getting into that one next.