How to Turn a Trend into Being Trendy

Over the years SO many people have told me to start a blog giving fashion advice to others, and when I heard this, I mainly thought of all the work involved!  And also I thought, “Who would want to hear from me about how to dress?  I don’t have anything really to say about it that anyone wants to hear!” I mean I am laughing a little self-deprecating here, but I am fairly certain that most people don’t need my opinions about – well, anything.

However, recently I started to rethink it.  I will tell you why.  I have had two or three of people say to me, “Michelle, you always look so fashionable.  How do you do it? I never know what to wear.”  And it occurred to me.  Maybe, I could help other people break down trends and show them how to put ensembles together, which is something I struggled to teach myself for years with the help of many people much more fashionable than me (like my sister).

I think being fashionable is a skill.  It’s something you can either have a natural talent for (not me) or you can develop an eye for over time (like me!).  Anyway, I started to think… why not?  Maybe writing a once-a-week, fashion advice blog might help guide others in the right way.

Let’s be honest ladies, we are not just expected to show up to work more prepared, not emotional, and stronger than our male counterparts, but we also have to smash it dress-wise.  We have to not just look nice and attractive but also super-professional.  We have to wear make-up, do our hair, and then put together an outfit that smashes it – everyday!  I mean I don’t do the make-up part cause it itches my face, but most women do.  It’s freaking hard!  Sometimes you wish someone could help a sister out, you know?  Anyway that is my purpose in writing this blog.  Just to help a sister out.  I don’t know all there is to know about fashion by any stretch of the imagination!  I just have opinion about things that I have developed over time by trial and error.  That’s what I will give to you.  You are free to try it or not try it – some may work for you and some may not.  You have to develop your own ideas about what looks good on you and you feel comfortable in it.

So the first question I thought I would tackle for a blog topic is:  how do I turn a trend into something trendy?  That is to say.  How do you figure out a trend and make it work for you?

This is crucial to being fashionable.  You can’t just go with whatever is “en vogue” as it were.  You got to also think about whether a style works for you, feels right for you and is something you can rock.  All of these things contribute to being trendy and in the moment.  You need to own your ensemble, because it’s you – just you en vogue.

So I thought I would take something that has been talked as a Spring Trend and then turn that into an ensemble – and talk you through how I did that.

1.  How do I find what is trendy or in-style?

This is a great place to start!

First, let me say it’s not as easy as going to store and finding something trendy.  Finding what is in-style is not always easy.  You can’t just go to a store like Target or Marshalls or H&M and see a lot of puffy sleeves and think, “I should wear puffy sleeves.”  These stores have lots of items that are not on trend all the time!  So you can’t trust what you see in the store.

Second, looking up current trends is nice but what they wear on the runway isn’t always feasible for us as everyday people.  You can look up that block colors are in and be like “Well, great!  How am I supposed to afford that Gucci outfit head-to-toe??!!”  Ain’t nobody got money for that.

Third, I like to follow fashion bloggers myself, but even often what they consider to be “reasonable pricing” is like the price of my car payment!  That is not reasonable for the everyday person.  Hello!

So here is what I will often do:  I google it.  I know it sounds simplistic, but it is really that simple.  I will just google, “Spring Trends 2019” or something like this.  Then I read a couple of articles, usually Vogue, Who What Wear, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and also maybe Popsugar.  I will scan all of these articles and look at the trends and the outfits.

Then I will try to find trends I like the idea of.  Not all of us can wear see-through clothing to work, and not everyone is skinny enough to make parachute pants a good-look.  I try to find something that I think, “I could wear this trend.”

2.  I’ve found a trend.  How do I make it workable?

Let’s say you found a trend.  How do you make that work for you?  

This is a big part of the most important element of being fashionable.  People mistake being fashionable for constantly buying trendy clothes.  It’s not at all.  You can’t constantly afford to be going out and buying new ensembles because “Romantic” is in style this season.

I will tell you what I do.  If I find a trend I like and I think I want to try, first I think, “Do I have something like this in my own closet? Do I have something similar that could be kind of like this trend?”

If I have something I already own, I always go that way first.

If I don’t have something I own, then I might think, “Is it going to be expensive to make this trend happen for me?”  For example, when one-piece suits of the same pattern were so in last year, I kept wanting one!  However most started at $200 for one piece and sometimes for both pieces!  Too much!  Finally, at H&M, I found a full-piece menswear suit of all one pattern for less than $50 altogether.  That is more reasonable for a trend you want to try.  And I still wear that suit.  Sometimes together and sometimes in separate pieces.

3.  I have the piece.  Now how do I make the outfit?

Okay for this question.  Let me walk you through a real-life example of how I would take a trend and make it into a real outfit I might wear to work.

Recently when I googled Spring Trends, I saw that head-to-toe neutrals or “earth tones” was in-style.  I saw this in three or four different places – particularly right after the fashion week season.

Image result for trendy to toe neutrals spring 2019

(Kendall Jenner in Burberry)

Photo Credit is Cosmopolitan Magazine

I saw this head-to-toe neutrals trend and I thought, “Cute! I could do that.”

Except, who has head-to-toe neutrals at home???  I mean, come on!  Doesn’t happen!

But remember, I said I always look in my closet first.  So I did.  I don’t have this color of neutral almost like nude/tan per say, but I did have something similar.  I had a camel-toned jacket and something like camel-toned pants.  In shoes, I did have some shoes that were kind of tan.

Now here comes the tricky part.  If I just copied this outfit, I think it would be kind of – well, boring.  Kendall Jenner can rock it, but it’s not me.  I like to have one thing that pops a little.  I like the neutrals, but I didn’t like how it was head-to-toe neutrals.  So I had an idea!  I don’t own a neutral shirt anyway and this trend is too momentary to invest in it.  Instead I picked a shirt that would pop a little and add something to the outfit rather than make it look too much like the photo.

Here is what I came up with:


So it is sticking on trend, mainly neutrals still, but I gave it a little change.  I made it from a trend into something I would wear and feel comfortable wearing.

See what I mean?  I made it mine.  I made it me.

You may not know what your fashion style is yet, but you figure it out little by little.  In the end, go with your gut.  Some styles make you feel yourself and others don’t.  Listen to that.

Anyway, I hope this has been a little helpful!  Feel free to like or share if you want or ask any questions.  (Nice comments only please!).

Love to all y’all out there!  LadyM_Macbeth



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