Spring Trends to Wear Now

Real talk.  Runway looks are made for the runway.  People that wear them treat life like a runway and they can maybe because they work in fashion and people expect them to look like a runway.  No one at my job wants me to look like a runway model (and I can’t cause I am like double their size!). Sometimes only people who don’t go to a traditional office could make some of the styles they recommend work.  So I have to often find a way to make office, real life looks out of runway ideas.

Here are some examples of fashion statements made for runway models but not for real life.  Recently, I saw it recommended to wear “Bike Shorts” with a Blazer. That works for the Kardashian/Jenner who wears them, but I work in an office – so that is a super no go, because it would look really unprofessional.  Another example was “Tie-Dye” was recommended as a trend recently.  Cute idea but maybe only for a weekend look.  Also fringe is a trend now!  Fringe makes the garment move in a way that is really lovely but I can’t wear all that fringe to work.  It’s way too much – well, of everything.  Just too much.

In this blog, I sorted through some of the current Spring Trends and added some of my own observations from Fashion Week.  Here are some Spring Trend ideas that are current but given in way that you can actually wear in a practical way now.  I have divided them into Color Trends, Jean Trends, and Dress Trends.

Spring Color Trends To Try Now

1. All Earth Tones

I know I already said this last time, but nudes or earthy tones are super trendy currently. Wearing all nudes or earth tones is a great idea in theory, but few people have the tanned complexion to really pull that look off.  Of course if you can make it work, you go girl!  Get those earth tones and work it!

My Recommendation:  Make your outfit mainly earth tones or maybe try adding a little earth tones to your outfit look more polished.  Putting in a pop of earth tones will make you look very pulled together and fabulous.

2.  Add a Pop of Fruit Color 

All the beautiful fruit tones on the runway were gorgeous! Bright colors are my jam.  In the words of the Jonas Brothers, “I am a sucker for you [Bright Colors]!”  Bright colors are a deep love of mine.  That being said, I don’t think all bright colors is a great look for most people (myself included) unless maybe it’s a bright dress.

My Recommendation: Try adding splash of a nice fruit tone to a work suit or with a neutral pant.  Putting in some bright cherry to your ensemble or a nice grape to liven it up will turn a drab fashion week into a trendy one.

3.  Lavender

This isn’t a runway or fashion week recommendation, just a personal one.  I can’t help but feel like lavender is everywhere! Lavender is an amazing color with a lot of fun versatility.  It’s really such a nice color for everyone.

My Recommendation:  Add a bit of lavender by wearing a nice lavender top or putting on a nice lavender colored denim.

Denim Spring Trends to Try Now

1. Oversized Denim Jackets

So many of the looks walking into fashion week had oversized denim jackets. Oversized denim gives a wonderful 90’s retro feel to any look.

My Recommendation: Be careful how oversized you go.  Unless you are a Kate Moss or Ziggy too much oversized is going to look baggy and unpolished, which of course is not the goal.  So check the fit and make sure it is a nice fit for you.

Here is a fun and money-saving idea:  just take your partner’s jean jacket one day instead of your own.  If you really want to buy one because you love the trend, maybe get one a size up at most.  Personally, I love adding them to a nice dress to give my ensemble a nice 90’s retro vibe.

2. Bring back boot-cut, flare or straight leg

Time to mix it up jean-wise and give those skinny jeans a rest!  All the fashion jean predictions are pointing towards boot-cut making a come back!  Straight leg for sure is back and Flare also. Just be sure that your choice is right for each occasion.

My RecommendationDark flare jeans for perfect for work or even a boot-cut instead of your traditional skinnies.  Both these styles look very professional and polished.  While straight leg is more of a weekend ensemble kind of jean.

Other jean trends to look for is “unfinished hem.”  This is where the hem looks cut but not sewn.  It’s a super interesting trend that adds a fun twist on old favorites.

My Recommendation:  If you want to try an unfinished hem but don’t want to invest, take an old pair of jeans and make them into an unfinished hem with a pair of fabric scissors.  Make sure to cut the same on each side, but make them a long ankle length crop to feel in style without too much investment.

Other denim trends to watch for are bleached denim.  It really is everywhere.  Personally, I don’t know if I can commit to bleached denim yet, because I am not sure it’s really here to stay or if it’s a flash in the pan.  Maybe though you have some old bleached denim left over from the 90’s.  Well it’s time has come!  Brush it off and give it a refresh for this new fabulous new trend.

3. Wear a jean dress 

Jean dresses have gotten a fun remix.  They come is all shapes and sizes now.  Jean dresses are the best and great for almost all occasions.

My Recommendation:  Pull out that old jean dress and add a fruity colored belt like cherry for a fun twist on an old favorite.

Spring Dress Trends to Try Now

1. Wear a wrap dress

Again just my own predictions, but a wrap dress would be a great go-to dress for Spring and Summer.  A lovely wrap dresses feel girly, pretty and fun.  Wrap dresses also have a great cut and usually hit everyone’s waist in just the right place.

My Recommendation:  Look at the inside and how a wrap dress is made.  You aren’t going to feel comfortable if you are constantly popping out of it!  So make sure maybe your wrap dress has a lining so you can move around in peace.

2. Try a Fun Print (especially Handkerchief Prints!) or Mix and Match

Mixing and Matching different prints together is back! This was popular a decade ago and it’s return is joyous to me.

Some words of caution though, mixing prints is like playing dress up as a grown up and can be really fun, but you have to make sure the prints compliment each other.  Mixing prints is BOLD so make sure the patterns are too bold and that they are different but similar.

My Print Recommendation:  Handkerchief print has been popular recently and I am loving it.  So take a fun handkerchief print and mix it with a demure print or even a jean jacket for something new and fresh.

Some Spring Recommendations for accessories:  add a bow or wider belt to finish a look. Belts are getting wider again recently!  So give that thinner belt a rest and bust out the wider belts to update or refresh a look.  Also maybe add a bow in the front to make the look seem very trendy and chic.

These are just a few recommendation of my personal recommendations.  I hope you incorporate them into your looks this week!  Post an outfit in the comments to show what trend you chose!

Lady M.

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