Coachella-Inspired Looks

Today’s post had been written and already scheduled to run. After some consideration, I decided to post as it is. I have also written some comments on today’s sad world events as a PS at the end of the blog.

On the blog this week I decided since Coachella was last week and summer is coming up (yay!) that I would post some Coachella-Inspired Fashion Looks to get a jumpstart on summer stylings.

Now Coachella is all about tiny tanks and little shorts or barely there sun dresses. But I decided instead to go for a bit more practical approach and that’s why I called it “Coachella-Inspired” rather than straight Coachella. Most of us will never make it to the actual Coachella (or want to maybe even), but as Shakespeare once said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the all the men and women merely players.” Now Shakespeare didn’t mean a runway, but life is your runway! So why not own it and saunter down that catwalk with fashion that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

1. Distressed Jean Skirt

A high-waisted distresses Jean skirt is fun especially for summer because it adds a little extra feminine touch. Style with a belt an a pretty top to finish the look, then add some sneaks to dress down or some sandals to dress up.

2. Shorts and a cute T

Nothing is more Coachella then shorts and a cute top. A t-shirt with a nice detail is always understated but elegant. Or you could do a fun little sweater to give it a grungier vibe. I styled both either with sandals for a little dressy or sneaks for dressed down.

Also if you really want to dress up some shorts, add a blouse and a pretty sandal to look much more elegant and polished.

3. Short Jean Dress

Coachella is all about the “cute dress” but I always think a cute jean dress is stylish for summer but also gives an ensemble a pretty vibe. I have styled my jean dress either with a nicer top with earth tones or a t-shirt for a more polished look or a more casual look respectively. Then I chose flashy gold sneaks for the more stylish look or white sneaks for the casual one.

4. A Cute Dress

As already pointed out, Coachella is all about the pretty dresses. Hippy, understated fashionable wear is the hallmark of Coachella styles. I picked a fun boho dress with an uneven hem. Breezy but also feminine. And of course a nice sandal to bring out the girly side.

I hope in this post you found something in one of the looks that you can try soon on a warm summer day. I equally hope that these looks help to get you inspired for summer fashion. After all summer is practically here for us Floridians (but also everywhere else really).

Some days now I bet you go outside and like me you can almost taste summer in the warm rays of sunshine as they hit your face, making you ponder beaches and salty ocean air. It’s time to open up that closet and pop into a pair of shorts and get ready for fun, summer memories in the making!

Now I am off to plunge myself into Ann Radcliffe’s Gothic Novel from 1791 called The Romance of the Forest. Every good fashionista knows you should spend as much time if not more cultivating your mind and your inner self as you do on the outside of yourself.

Post your outfit below! I would love to see your Coachella-Inspired looks!

Love, LadyM

photo credit: my Instagram hubby lol

PS. Today started as such a sad day. However, I cannot omit an event that has caused so many senseless death in Sri Lanka for too many people. It is such a tragedy. Again just senseless loss. So senseless. Honestly it’s hard to comment on this because very little is known at this time, but I think we can all agree that an event like this that causes loss of life in any degree is a crime against all humanity.

And even though this is a blog about fashion, I genuinely believe in tolerance, acceptance and love. If we allow these inhuman actions to make us treat others with hatred then the terrorists win. What they want us make us divided.

Showing people love, acceptance and tolerance in spite and irregardless of how they treat us says everything about us as individuals and nothing about their treatment. Everyone no matter who they are deserves to be shown love and acceptance. Maybe individually we can break down the elements that divide us all so strongly and make us hate each other if we just really committed to kindness and intentionally being good to anyone no matter who they are. Okay rant over.

Just one more thing, this is a fashion blog so no comments on anything political. I will delete them.

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